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To support the charitable works of the Foundation, the man behind the mask, Peter Thornley, has written his autobiography, and all sales from the book go towards the Foundation’s work. It’s an amazing read, and every purchase helps us to help others ever more. Here’s more information…

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The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation is an organisation which was created to fulfil Kendo Nagasaki’s stated aspiration to help anyone and everyone achieve empowerment and enlightenment, and get the very best from their lives via Zen, as he has.

Kendo is widely admired for being highly dynamic and very successful, both in his long career as a professional wrestler and in business, and many people have long wanted to know what lies behind his mysterious facade and his success – and, whatever his secret was, whether they could get it too!


It has been in the year of the 50th anniversary of his first appearing on the British professional wrestling scene that Kendo has announced that fundamental to his power and success during all these years has been relaxation and mindfulness techniques based in Zen Buddhism.


The aim of The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation is to promote Zen Buddhism and its teachings and practises, and introduce people to its immense scope and great power, to explain what it is, and how it can positively revolutionise every aspect of their lives.


The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation is a Charity registered in England and Wales (Charity No.: 1161005), and we are delighted that our work is recognised as being of significant benefit to the public, and it is equally available to other groups too, such as Forces Veterans, Blue Light Services, and serving members of the Armed Forces.

Our Mission Statement

“We aim to to advance Buddhism in particular but not exclusively by the provision to those new to Buddhism of introductory education and experience of the practises of the Buddhist religion, in particular the practises of meditation and mindfulness.”

You can help!

We are constantly working to offer our de-stressing and empowering Retreat experience to more people over more events throughout the year, but we need help to expand. We are currently raising funds to refurbish currently unused rooms into new accommodation, so that even more people can come and stay with us on 2-day breaks and longer, and every penny we raise in the Nagasaki eBay Store contributes towards this work.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who has bought Kendo memorabilia and helped our cause, but we also welcome any donation that anyone feels able to make at any time. Of course, once you’ve donated to us and supported our work, you’ll have to come and stay with us, and get a deeply-relaxing and empowering return on your investment!

Thank You!

Please read on to discover what Zen and the Foundation are all about, and how they can help you to get the very best from your life, and help other do the same.

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