Messages of Thanks

Here are some of the message of thanks we’ve received at The Retreat from those who have attended Kendo Nagasaki’s “Event” Days. We’re delighted that Kendo’s work has been so helpful to these people, and he hopes to help a great many more.


Coming to the retreat has had an enormous effect on our lives, we were both struggling with where we were in life, [my wife] was battling with depression, anxiety and grief and I was seeking comfort in food and alcohol which led to me having a minor health scare. We are slowly piecing our lives back together and looking forward to new challenges and providing the best chances in life for our children. [We] would thoroughly recommend anyone to visit one of the events at the Retreat, we are so fortunate that we live not too far away and can attend regularly. Looking forward to the next visit and congratulations to all concerned with the Foundation, best wishes

Mr. & Mrs. W.


My first visit to The Retreat was a totally new experience for me which I am eager to repeat as often as I am able. The Singing Bowls healing, the meditations, the walk around the gardens with Kendo and the various seminars and activities have opened my eyes to better ways of handling the stressful environment of my daily employment.

The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation’s teachings of the ways of Buddhism is, I feel, being very beneficial to my lifestyle and attitudes and I would recommend it to even the most skeptical of minds. Approaching it with a positive attitude will reap you many rewards in your ability to cope with modern life.

Mr. D.P.


Thank you so much for my visit to the retreat last weekend. The event days are wonderful, truly inspirational and very relaxed , everything is explained in an easy to understand manner. Each activity is, for me, a great inspiration , something which I do practice regularly at home..meditation, tracing, relaxing watching the singing bowls on DVD….While watching the Chelsea Flower Show on TV this week it was interesting to hear the presenter talk about Buddhism and Zen gardens and how by just sitting ,relaxing in the garden has many positive health benefits. My immediate thought went straight to the grounds of the retreat……..Thank you so much to Kendo for inviting me with him on this wonderful journey of enlightenment… The Buddha way is unsurpassed……I feel positive health benefits, lower blood pressure, now at a safe and stable level, strength and agility, and more in control when dealing with any unwelcome intrusion…. Take care, Very Best Wishes

Mrs. B.


I would like to thank everyone at Kendo Nagasaki’s Retreat for an excellent, and eye opening day. I left the Retreat, again, in a buoyant, but very a relaxed and calm mood. I find that this calmness now helps me immeasurably in my work, especially the not so helpful head office call centre. [My] industry has recently had a major change, [we] are tested without any training or explanation on how it would be assessed. I had the new Test and again I found the calmness helped me in the preparation and ability cope on the test, which resulted in my attaining a top “A” grade. On a more personal note I find that you have given me the resolve the stick to a diet where I have up to now lost 21 lbs and feel much the better for it.

Looking back I did not have any idea on what to expect from a day at the Retreat before I had gone there. It certainly was not the day or days that I would have expected but I am more than ecstatic about my days and I am very grateful to Kendo and the staff at the Retreat for the change in direction my life is now travelling in. Thank You.

Mr. R.P.


This is my second visit to Kendo Nagasaki’s Buddhist retreat, I was really looking forward to returning there after my first visit. The experience is uplifting to me and the full day of relaxing and informative tasks certainly is a harmonious and relaxing experience. The retreat is a learning centre for the Buddhist way of living, which is very beneficial to our everyday living. I previously had adopted meditation as a normal everyday practice, but life became too hectic and I had not done any for a very long time, even though you know that in the back of your mind you should still be practicing this. After the first visit to the retreat I decided to get back into the meditation and I’m doing lots of reading again on the subject (reading is a daily treat for me). I must say that meditation is a must in my life now that I’m settled again. Thank you so much kendo Nagasaki for creating this lovely retreat for us.

Ms. F.


My visit to the Retreat yesterday was definitely a very positive, relaxing and sociable experience. The house is set in beautiful countryside, has lovely gardens and the Cherry Orchard will be spectacular in bloom once established. I was made to feel very welcome on arrival by everyone. Atlantis is an excellent hostess, making sure everyone feels valued and included. The activities on offer were fun, varied and I found the meditation room, with the lights dimmed, to be a lovely place to sit and fully experience the empowering and relaxing messages. I’ve discovered, for me, the Buddhist philosophies offer a lifestyle choice – a way to learn about living the most positive and happy way possible and it doesn’t in any way conflict with my belief in God. I came away feeling very relaxed, happy, spiritually ‘recharged’ and I’ve made some very nice new friends, who I hope to meet again. Thank you so much for the hospitality.

Mrs. L.