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The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation Gains Charitable Status

This is great news!

The Charities Commission have granted Charitable Status to The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation – we are now Registered Charity number 1161005.

We are delighted that the work we do in bringing Buddhism to a wider audience has been recognised as having charitable status, which means that it is for the public benefit; after so many years of selfless healing and mentoring, Kendo Nagasaki’s empowering work can now be taken to a wider audience, to help as many people as possible maximise their potential, to find peace, to find their place in the universe, and become empowered in many ways.

The Buddhism which Kendo Nagasaki practises offers a great deal to those who may not have previously considered it as a source of peace, wisdom, and guidance in life; Buddhism is rational, and does not require the belief in any gods, it is a system for living the best possible life, and it advocates the use of an immensely empowering tool – meditation. The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation presents the wisdom of Buddhism in many imaginative ways, so that you can see how its simple ways can be maximally empowering to your life, freeing you from things which hold you back, and contributing to your greater enablement and enlightenment.

Please watch this space for further developments – this is an important milestone for The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation, and we’ll be moving swiftly to extend Kendo’s empowering Buddhist message; as Kendo himself says:


More Kendo Events This Year!

Following the great reception that Kendo’s Singing Bowl Healing of 13th February has received, we are pleased to announce a further 3 dates for Singing Bowl Healing this year, and full Zen Retreat days.

The dates are:

Saturday, 16th May for Singing Bowl Healing, followed by a full Retreat Day on Sunday 17th May;

Sunday, 16th August for a full Retreat Day on Sunday (including Singing Bowl Healing);

Friday, 13th November for Singing Bowl Healing, followed by a full Retreat Day on Saturday 14th November.

Needless to say, there will be additional activities during the Singing Bowl Healing days, and the full Retreat Event days are themed and packed with fascinating activities!

We have another special announcement as well: between Friday 13th and Saturday 14th November, we will be able to accommodate 5 guests overnight at The Retreat!

We will have 3 rooms available – there will be two twin rooms and a single room, with single beds throughout, and there is a dedicated kitchen, shower room, and lounge available to these rooms. We will provide an evening meal on the Friday, and breakfast on Saturday morning will be on a self-service basis, with cereals, bread, milk, and tea and coffee available in the kitchen. To cover costs there is a charge of £30 per person per night, inclusive of Friday’s evening meal and Saturday’s breakfast.

So if you’re happy to share a room with a friend (or two), you could experience two consecutive residential days of Kendo’s Zen spirituality, mysticism, and healing, and empowerment activities!

In due course, more information will be made available on a dedicated web page, but these dates are now confirmed, and you will be able to make firm plans around them.

We look forward to receiving your applications for places at both the Singing Bowl Healing days and the Retreat Event days, and – importantly – for the 6 precious overnight places available between 13th and 14th November.

Please apply by sending an email to and please also use this email address for any questions you may have.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next Kendo Nagasaki Event!

Healing Day at The Retreat, on Friday, 13th February, 2015

On Friday 13th February 2015, Kendo will be holding a special Healing Day, which will comprise 2 parts:

Firstly, there will be a new Healing Event – a “Singing Bowl Healing”.

In this healing, seven people at once will receive harmonic and tonal healing energies from Kendo’s singing bowls. Numbers are limited to seven because of space limitations – all seven are required to lie down on comfortable mattresses on the floor of the Seminar Room, in a circle, arranged around seven specially-chosen singing bowls. During the healing, Kendo plays the seven singing bowls according to his own intuition, and the deep harmonic energies of the bowls wash over those being healed, imparting healing energies.

To take part in this healing, you will need to wear non-restrictive and comfortable clothing, and be able to lie on your back for approximately 20 minutes.

If you would like to reserve a place for the Singing Bowl Healing on 13th February, please send an email to; as mentioned previously, places are limited to seven, so please apply promptly!

Also on 13th February, Kendo will be holding his usual monthly Distance Healing Ceremony, and it will be open for others to attend. If you would like to attend the Distance Healing Ceremony on 13th February (irrespective of whether you want or have a place for the Singing Bowl Healing), please send an email to

The schedule for the day is under review, but all those who’ve contacted us about attending will be emailed the finalised times.

If you would like any further information on the Healing Day, please send an email to