A Day of Tea with Kendo Nagasaki

We are pleased to announce a special new Event at The Retreat – a Day of Tea with Kendo Nagasaki.

On 13th June, Kendo will hold several sessions of the Japanese Tea Ceremony in his personal Tea Room at The Retreat.

Guests will join Kendo in his tea room, which has been dedicated to Kenshiro Abbe, his judo teacher and spiritual sensei. Kendo’s tea room is of the “Yushin” type, which has western-style seats, so there’s no need to sit on the floor. The ceremony as conducted by Kendo is in the authentic and time-honoured traditional style, and is a deeply spiritual experience. Japanese “matcha” green tea will be ceremonially prepared by Kendo and served to groups of three guests at a time, for several groups during the day.

Of course, 13th is also a Distance Healing day, and those who would normally come to participate in the Healing ceremony are welcome to join Kendo’s Day of Tea. Those who haven’t been to The Retreat before are also very welcome, but because of the various gravel paths, stone steps, and varying terrain, we ask that you must be able to safely negotiate such obstacles before applying.

To cover costs, there will be a small charge of £20 per person, and this will include the Tea Ceremony itself and a buffet lunch, and the opportunity to contemplate at the various spiritual places in the deeply spiritual Grounds of The Retreat.

To apply for a place, send an email to events@kendonagasaki.org, and if you have any questions, please email them to the same address. Please apply promptly, as there are only limited places available for this special day!

Looking forward to seeing you at The Retreat!

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