A New Event: Singing Bowl Healing for Seven

Kendo Nagasaki wishes to announce a new Healing Event at The Retreat: it will be a day of Singing Bowl Healing for seven people.

There will be seven places available, and each of the seven attendees will receive an individual Singing Bowl Healing. While one person is receiving healing, the other six will participate in the process and add to the energies transmitted, by being present where the Singing Bowl Healing is taking place, and also by striking a singing bowl at the appropriate time. As they receive healing, they will join Kendo in helping to give it.

The Singing Bowl Healing for Seven Event will take place at The Retreat on on 19th July 2015. Please apply promptly, as demand is expected to be high. Furthermore, Kendo will allocate places based upon need, so please be prepared to provide a little information about your need for healing.

To apply for a place at Kendo’s Singing Bowl Healing for Seven, please send an email to healing@kendonagasaki.org.

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