The 2016 Calendar for Events at the Nagasaki Retreat

Here is our formal Events Calendar for 2016.

1. February 13-14;

2. March 12-13;

3. April 9-10; (“Hana-mi” cherry-blossom viewing Event)

4. May 14-15;

5. June 11-12;

6. June 25-26; (Special Tea Ceremony Event, separate days)

7. July 9-10;

8. September 10-11;

9. October 15-16;

10. November 12-13.


You can apply for a place at these Events at any time, but additional Events will be held during the year, so do keep an eye on the Blog and the Events page for announcements about them.

The above Events will all be held over the 2 days of a weekend (except the Tea Ceremony Event, which is two individual Events over two separate days – see below*), and they are all on Saturdays and Sundays, so however often you visit us, you won’t have to take time off work.

The format for 2-day weekend Events including an overnight stay is as follows:

You’ll arrive late morning on the 1st day, and after a welcome meet-and-greet, there will be a buffet lunch, followed by the afternoon’s activities. There will be a traditional hot evening meal, after which you can relax in the guest lounge before retiring.

On the 2nd day, you help yourself to a self-service breakfast in the guest kitchen, and the morning’s activities start at 10:30. There will be a buffet lunch, followed by the afternoon’s activities, and, of course, an endless supply of tea, coffee, and biscuits on both days!

Each Event is for a maximum of 14 people, with overnight accommodation initially for 7 people.

Our current guest bedrooms include a triple room with 3 single beds, a twin room with 2 single beds, and a double room with a double bed, so please bear in mind that you are likely to be sharing a room with other guests, unless you come as a couple, and then you’ll be given the double room.

As mentioned, the guest accommodaton includes a kitchen with breakfast provisions, a shower room with basin and toilet, a separate toilet with basin, and the guest lounge. Please note that our guest accommodation is upstairs, on the first floor.

We will be expanding our accommodations during 2016, but with rooms initially being limited, please book early to secure your accommodation for overnight events at the Retreat.

Single-day Events include lunch and tea, coffee and biscuits.

The costs are £75 per person for an overnight stay, including all meals and refreshments, and £25 per day if you don’t stay overnight. Please note that our costs for these Events are much higher than these fees, and the difference is covered by a subsidy from the charity, so we would welcome any additional donations to help us continue to grow the work of our Foundation.

To apply for a place at any of these Events, or to make any further enquiries, please send an email to


*The Special Tea Ceremony Event is limited to 5 people per day, and involves Kendo Nagasaki conducting the Japanese Tea Ceremony for you as an individual guest. You will be served Japanese “matcha” green tea in your own unique specially-commissioned tea bowl, and after the tea ceremony, Kendo will ceremonially present the tea bowl to you in a lined presentation box, with a certificate of exclusivity. The tea bowls were commissioned from renowned pottery artist Anne Bates, who came to the Nagasaki Retreat for inspiration in crafting them. The resulting tea bowls artfully encapsulate and reflect the beauty and spiritual depth of the grounds of the Retreat, and perfectly accommodate the time-honoured and artistic Japanese tea ceremony, particularly in the way it is expertly conducted by Kendo Nagasaki.

You will have your own place for the Japanese Tea Ceremony to be served to you individually, and you will receive the specially-commissioned tea-bowl in which Kendo serves you your matcha green tea, all for £100.

As with all income and donations to The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation, the proceeds of this event will go directly towards helping us expand our facilities, so that we can help ever more people find peace and strength through meditation and mindfulness, and we are most grateful for your continued support.

To enquire further or book a place, please email us at

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